Have you heard about a blue light that hurts our eyes? (High-energy visible light or HEV).

The source of that light can be vary: lamps, LCD monitors, smartphones, tablets.
Blue light have the highest energy in whole visible spectrum.


It’s that strong that could affect to back of the eye.
And this could lead to many problems like:

  • Dry eyes
  • Eyes fatigue
  • Eye strain
  • Headache
  • Blurred vision
  • Sleep disruption

So, it makes sense to elliminate that blue light. It’s easy if we’re talking about lamps, but what to do with all our electronic devices?

Actually there are bunch of special software that could do that. They apply a special filter to have more “warm” light. But it’s nice only for the evening time? And what about the daytime?
Another solution is to use special screen protectors. Like these:

For iPhone


For Laptop


For iMac



You can also try to find similar to any other devices.

But there is one simplier and more common solution – use special glasses. It filters the blue light without chaning the original colors that much. So, if you work a lot on the computer – that’s something you should have.


Take care!

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