Minimalism is getting popular these days. There are multiple reasons to like it. One of the are where we could apply it – our office space. The main reason why I use minimalist desk setup is because it helps me to focus on important things and not being distracted by some details/stuff on your desk – just me and a computer.

The same thing in OS – only minimal things, clear desktop, few apps. For keep it simple it needs to remove unneeded things quite often, but you can be sure that after some time you’ll do it automatically.



Just try it for a while – and you’ll love it!


Volume kontrol knob

I always liked manual wheel controls for changing something like volume. I remember my ipod nano with a wheel. It was awesome, still miss it. So, I also wanted to have some for adjust a computer volume.. And I found it:


USB Volume Control


Looks cool, isn’t it?