First steps

If you’re not healthy then everything would look bad. You’ll not be productive at your job or business. So, it’s very very important to keep your health at a good level.


These days we sit a lot: car, computer desk, lunch, sofa at home. And it can give us many  problems with our back, neck, eyes and as a result Рhead. So, first at all, we need to take care about our posture. Here you can read more: is sitting bad for your health?

Actually it’s very hard to keep your posture right while you sitting. I would suggest you to try working by standing. Have you heard about height-adjustable desk?

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It’s a really nice idea. This way you can change between sit/stand position multiple times a day. And it’ll ready decrease your back and neck pain. You can read here a bit about the standing desks. That’s something you could already try.


Be healthy,


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